Below is the 3 screws they used to fuse my first and second Metatarsals.  They called it a Lis Franc fracture, which is named after Napoleon's Dr., who encountered several of such injuries on his mounted soldiers.  When they were knocked off their horses during battle, their foot often got caught in the stirrups, and mashed about.  Back then, they would "cut out" the bad parts, and the soldier would be left with half of a foot.  Thank goodness things have changed.


Below you see what the "real" surgery was. This is the one I am still recovering from.  I can't even remember all the terms they did, but man, it hurt.  8, count 'em 8 screws in the foot, and there they will remain.  There are some other clips and such, but the screws make up the most metal.  Also there are a few chunks of cadaver bone.  Quite the deal.  The good news is I finally can walk without crutches.  I still have to wear a boot, but it is getting better every day.


I have some other non-xray pics, but they get pretty gross.  Maybe I will upload them to another page, requiring a disclaimer before you see it :)